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Picasso's Trousers (Paperback)
作者: Nicholas Allan 
出版日期: 2013/06/01
尺寸: 264x215x7mm
重量: 0.18 kg
ISBN-10: 0099495368
ISBN-13: 9780099495369
書城編號: 1027513

原價: HK$150.00
現售: HK$142.5 節省: HK$7.5

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A child-friendlypicture bookbiography, featuring reproductions of Picasso masterpieces and a foldoutrepresentation of Picasso at work

"People were always saying, "No No No Picasso "
But Picasso said . . . "Yes ""

In this funny and accessible introduction to Picasso and art, children learn thatdaring to be different can be rewarding.Picasso doesn't listen when people tell him "No " Instead, he paints all-blue pictures, all-pink pictures, plus pictures from the front and side all at the same time. He makes art out of bikeparts and he can draw pictures in less than 60 seconds. Soon he becomes one of the greatest painters in the world, but he still wants to be different."

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