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Politics of Marketising Asia (Hardcover)
作者: Toby Carroll 
出版社: Palgrave Macmillan
出版日期: 2014/06/05
尺寸: 0x0x0mm
ISBN-10: 1137001666
ISBN-13: 9781137001665
書城編號: 1102302

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Economic growth continues to transform the economic and political landscape of Asia. Equally the policies now being adopted to promote private sector participation, re-structure state entities, and reduce the presence of the state in the provision of public goods and services, are tied to fundamental transformations in Asia's state-society relations. The global cast of contributors present a timely analysis of the impact of neo-liberalism on Asia's developmental policies and the organisation of Asian states and markets. Ironically, the "developmental state" that has historically driven Asia's rapid economic transformation is now threatened by an increasingly dominant neoliberal agenda that aims to roll back the state in the name of market fundamentalism.

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