A Concise History of Hong Kong (paperback)
作者: John M. Carroll 
出版社: 香港大學出版社Hong Kong University Press
出版日期: 2007/09/01
頁數: 284
尺寸: 6x9 inches
ISBN-10: 9622098789
ISBN-13: 9789622098787
書城編號: 115747

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“John Carroll has done an excellent job of . . . producing an engaging and up-to-date overview of the territory from the beginning of colonial rule through to the present. It will be of particular value to those who teach on Hong Kong, as they now have a book that students will find accessible and interesting, but it will also serve as a good entry point for those who want to learn more about the development of this distinctive region.” —New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies “Written in a readable style free of jargon, John Carroll’s new work is a welcome addition to the growing historiography of Hong Kong. It skillfully chronicles major events in Hong Kong from the early nineteenth century to the present, concluding with a thoughtful epilogue analyzing the legacies of colonialism and their contemporary relevance. Valuable for general readers, this book is also a useful reference for scholars in the field.” —Jung-fang Tsai, College of Charleston “This is an extraordinary study and could be used by any level of scholar and in any number of classrooms. . . .” —World History Connected “A fine balance between substance and readability.” —Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal “Carroll . . . offers a cogent synthetic history from the 1840s Opium War to the present. . . . Clearly written [and] accessible. . . . Recommended.” —Choice

John Carroll’s engrossing and accessible narrative explores the remarkable history of Hong Kong from the early 1800s through the post–1997 handover, when this former British colony became a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The book explores Hong Kong as a place with a unique identity, yet also as a crossroads where Chinese history, British colonial history, and world history intersect. Carroll concludes by assessing the legacies of colonial rule, the consequences of Hong Kong’s reintegration with China, and significant developments and challenges since 1997.

John M. Carroll is professor of history at the University of Hong Kong.


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