Tabo's Sparkling Lines
作者: Mguru 編輯委員會 
出版社: Mguru Limited
出版日期: 2007/02
ISBN-10: 9889920867
ISBN-13: 9789889920869
書城編號: 117810

原價: HK$55.00
現售: HK$52.25 節省: HK$2.75

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Sparking Lines is a collection quotes about love, friendship, family, value and many other topics. These pages are intended for high school students, as well as professionals who want to get a quick overview of popular quotes. These quotations can also be adopted in our daily life for speeches, inspiration, motivation, or just for fun.

Mguru 編輯委員會 作者作品表

Tabo's Steps to Happiness
Tabo's Sparkling Lines

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