Advanced Taxation in Hong Kong (18 Ed.)
作者: Dora Lee 
出版社: Longman
出版日期: 2016
頁數: 1177
ISBN-10: 9882384099
ISBN-13: 9789882384095
書城編號: 1230905

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The 18th edition of Advanced Taxation in Hong Kong has been updated to reflect the changes in tax law and practice since 2014. It is written to provide a solid foundation for post-secondary students and self-learners who intend to take taxation examinations offered by ACCA and HKICPA. It is also an invaluable reference book for tax accountants and students of Revenue Law.
•The content has been updated to reflect the latest amendments to the Inland Revenue Ordinance and Stamp Duty Ordinance as well as changes proposed in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 Budgets.
•Updated and expanded tables such as those in the ‘Summary of Deductions, Tax Rates and Personal Allowances’ provide quick and easy reference to new taxation requirements.
•Worked examples and ample references to court cases, IRD interpretations and Board of Review decisions help illustrate the theory and practice of taxation in Hong Kong.

About author
Dora Lee FCCA, FCPA, FTIHK, CICPA (non-practising), MBA, LLB (Hons), LLM, PhD, Barrister (High Court of Hong Kong) was previously a Principal Lecturer in the Division of Commerce at the City University of Hong Kong, specialising in taxation. She worked at the Inland Revenue Department for eight years and had over sixteen years of teaching experience at tertiary level. She has contributed many articles on taxation to different accounting professional bodies and she was formerly a member of both the Inland Revenue Board of Review and Accountancy Accreditation Board of the HKICPA. Currently, she is with a CPA firm where she specialises in tax training.
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