English Phonetics and Phonology Audio CD
作者: Peter Roach 
製造商: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 2001/07/26
ISBN-10: 0521797993
ISBN-13: 9780521797993
書城編號: 1276

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Recognised as the most practical and comprehensive text in the field of phonetics, this third edition of English Phonetics and Phonology includes revised transcriptions, a wider discussion of different varieties of English and an updated treatment of intonation.

1.Introduction; 2.The production of speech sounds; 3. Long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs; 4.Voicing and consonants; 5.The phoneme; 6. Fricatives and affricates; 7. Nasals and other consonants; 8.The syllable; 9. Strong and weak syllables; 10. Stress in simple words; 11.Complex word stress; 12. Weak forms; 13. Problems in phonemic analysis

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English Phonetics and Phonology Audio CD
English Phonetics and Phonology Audio Cassettes
English Phonetics and Phonology

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