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15 Things Not To Do With A Puppy (Hardcover)
作者: Margaret McAllister 
出版日期: 2018/02/01
尺寸: 240x240x9mm
重量: 0.34 kg
ISBN-10: 1786030470
ISBN-13: 9781786030474
書城編號: 1313699

原價: HK$180.00
現售: HK$171 節省: HK$9

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Hooray You have a new puppy You're going to be best friends... as long as you DON'T do the following things; DON'T teach your puppy how to play the trombone or take her to school. DON'T let your puppy drive the car or juggle with the washing up. DON'T walk your puppy at a football match or wake her when she's sleeping. DO play with your puppy, be patient with her, walk her and give her lots of cuddles and love. In no time at all you'll be best friends This hilarious, heart-warming picture book is perfect for anyone who has (or wants) a new puppy. The brilliant follow-up to 15 Things Not to Do with your Granny and 15 Things Not to Do with a Baby, this book features the same family and this time we see them learn how to look after their new puppy

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