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Urban Geography (Paperback)
作者: Tim Hall 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2017/10/22
尺寸: 155x233x22mm
重量: 584 grams
ISBN-10: 1138101834
ISBN-13: 9781138101838
書城編號: 1342091

原價: HK$507.00
現售: HK$481.65 節省: HK$25.35

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This revised fifth edition not only examines the new geographical patterns forming within and between cities, but also investigates the way geographers have sought to make sense of this urban transformation. It is structured into three sections: 'contexts', 'themes' and 'issues' that move students from a foundation in urban geography through its major themes to contemporary and pressing issues. The text critically synthesizes key literatures in the following areas:

  • the urban world
  • changing approaches to urban geography
  • urban form and structure
  • economy and the city
  • urban politics
  • planning, regeneration and urban policy
  • cities and culture
  • architecture and urban landscapes
  • images of the city
  • experiencing the city
  • housing and residential segregation
  • transport and mobility in cities
  • sustainability and the city.

This edition builds on the success of the comprehensively revised fourth edition and provides revised chapters on transport/mobility and urban futures, with additional updating of readings and some case studies. The book synthesises a wide range of literature on each subject and presents the material in a lively engaging way, supported by an expanded range of student friendly features, including exercises and suggestions for further study.

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