Listening to Cantonese: Basic Skills (with CD-MP3)
作者: Philip Yungkin Lee 
出版社: 青木
出版日期: 2016/06
頁數: 212
ISBN-10: 9622793290
ISBN-13: 9789622793293
書城編號: 1380721

原價: HK$245.00
現售: HK$232.75 節省: HK$12.25

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This book contains twelve chapters. Each chapter presents basic vocabularies in a form of text and listening tasks. The basics of the Cantonese sound system are also introduced. Oral exercises enables the readers to correctly fine-tune their pronunciation of words.
Materials are based on authentic Chinese lifestyles in Hong Kong and the surrounding cities like Macao and Guangzhou. This book is also suitable for the people who are interested in Chinese culture.

Features & Benefits
  • CD Technology allows instantaneous access to separate vocabulary and listening texts for more productive drills
  • Cantonese + English Recordings by native speakers allows learners to learn vocabulary items without the book at hand
  • Back-up Links to Tape script and Answer Key add value to listening exercises which make them ideal for self-study purposes
  • Task-Based Approach to language learning simulates speaking activities after each listening exercise
  • 120 illustrations serve as prompts for beginners to listen for meaning in everyday situation
  • Clear Instructions And Explanations in simple English
  • Index For Quick Reference of Cantonese language functions and grammar
  • Pronunciation Practice in every Unit for Cantonese sounds and tones to help students master the Yale system of romanisation

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