Modern Chinese Textbook 1B
出版社: Better Chinese
系列: 快樂幼兒華語
ISBN-10: 1606035789
ISBN-13: 9781606035788
書城編號: 1381906

售價: $599.50

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Modern Chinese is a beginner Chinese language textbook designed for college students and adult learners with no previous exposure to Chinese.This unique program adopts a story-based approach that follows the lives of six college students whose multi-cultural backgrounds reflect today's globalized world. The themes are designed to provide students with the vocabulary and context to engage and communicate in real life conversations quickly. Each lesson comes with clear and practical grammar instructions presented in an accessible format.

Each textbook includes complimentary access to lesson audios, lesson animations and additional resources such as an interactive pinyin table which was specially designed for the second edition. Other new features in the second edition are the introduction of 儿话 in the lessons and alternative ways to communicate in the vocabulary section.

此叢書 快樂幼兒華語 書目

快樂幼兒華語 My First Chinese Words (36 books + 1 CD) (繁體) (Traditional Chinese)
快樂幼兒華語 My First Chinese Words (36 books + 1 CD) (簡體) (Simplified Chinese)
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Modern Chinese Textbook 1A
Modern Chinese Textbook 1B

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