Hong Kong: The Road to 1997 (Hardcover)
作者: Roger Buckley 
出版社: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 1997/05
頁數: 254
ISBN-10: 0521470080
ISBN-13: 9780521470087
書城編號: 144712

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Roger Buckley's book will be essential reading for all those interested in the remarkable history of Hong Kong since 1945 and its unpredictable future after 1997. In a highly accessible account, the author considers the transformation of Hong Kong from obscure British colony to prosperous city-state, and analyzes the political, economic and social changes that have brought it about. In conclusion, he looks to the future of Hong Kong and predicts how its resilient and resourceful people will face the challenges of the post-1997 era.

Roger Buckley 作者作品表

Hong Kong: The Road to 1997 (Paperback)
Hong Kong: The Road to 1997 (Hardcover)

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