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Animal Fables after Darwin (Hardcover)
作者: Chris Danta 
出版社: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 2018/07/19
尺寸: 235x156x17mm
重量: 470 grams
ISBN-10: 1108428207
ISBN-13: 9781108428200
書城編號: 1471363

售價: $1088.00

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The ancient form of the animal fable, in which the characteristics of humans and animals are playfully and educationally intertwined, took on a wholly new meaning after Darwin's theory of evolution changed forever the relationship between humans and animals. In this original study, Chris Danta provides an important and original account of how the fable was adopted and re-adapted by nineteenth- and twentieth-century authors to challenge traditional views of species hierarchy. The rise of the biological sciences in the second half of the nineteenth century provided literary writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson, H. G. Wells, Franz Kafka, Angela Carter and J. M. Coetzee with new material for the fable. By interrogating the form of the fable, and through it the idea of human exceptionalism, writers asked new questions about the place of the human in relation to its biological milieu.

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