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Where Am I Giving: A Global Adventure Exploring How to Use Y (Hardcover)
作者: Kelsey Timmerman 
出版社: Wiley
出版日期: 2018/08/14
尺寸: 237x170x25mm
重量: 0.5 kg
ISBN-10: 1119448123
ISBN-13: 9781119448129
書城編號: 1472700

原價: HK$220.00
現售: HK$209 節省: HK$11

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Your gifts connect you to a world of giving

Americans are generous with their pocketbooks, but trying to make a difference and actually making a difference are two different things. Where Am I Giving? by New York Times bestselling author Kelsey Timmerman takes you on a journey to meet people who will inspire you to live a purpose-filled, generous life and make the greatest impact you can through your career, time, consumer dollars, and donations.

Starting in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana, and then traveling all over the world (Myanmar, Kenya, India, Nepal, and more), Kelsey explores not only different ways of giving--as a worker, consumer, volunteer, giver, local and global citizen--but also the benefits and effectiveness of these methods. He spends time with monks, students, a refugee, a Marine, a former Hollywood executive, Peace Corps Volunteers, and seasoned aid workers to explore how they give, as well as with the people on the receiving end of their giving. Along the way he struggles to be a more informed giver as he becomes a "voluntourist," starts his own local non-profit, and searches for a balance between rationality and passion in how he gives.

This book will help you:

  • Reveal the amazing opportunities you have to make an impact using your own gifts--and it doesn't have to be money
  • Understand the sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and neuroscience of giving
  • See how giving can make you more connected and happier
  • Examine types of giving, including microlending, volunteering, donating, ethical consumption, mission trips, voluntourism, child sponsorship, etc.
  • Dive into a nuanced view of effectiveness of international aid and its intersection with development, politics, and culture

Where Am I Giving? is a fast-paced narrative combining compelling stories collected over 15 years of travel to 90+ countries, mixed with practical advice on how to make giving a part of our everyday lives.

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