Empowerment Strategies for Nurses (Paperback)
作者: Margaret McAllister 
出版社: Eurospan
出版日期: 2019/07/17
尺寸: 210x150x22mm
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ISBN-10: 0826167896
ISBN-13: 9780826167897
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Praise for the First Edition:

"This is a very practical and easy to read book with many strategies to help new nurses adapt to the stressors of the workplace. It is filled with thought-provoking stories and activities that can foster confidence in tackling workplace issues as well as self-care activities to enhance wholeness and well-being....There is something in this book for everyone." Score: 96, 4 stars.


This unique resource will help nurses overcome stressors and challenges when--and even before-- they arise. Featuring seven new chapters and a multitude of new authors, the second edition reflects the latest research on resilience and well-being and applies it specifically to nursing professionals.

The book describes a diverse range of proactive and preventive approaches nurses can harness in a variety of healthcare contexts. These strategies help develop strength, flexibility, and the determination to adapt to professional challenges that may at first seem daunting. Strategies are presented to conquer self-defeating thoughts, connect with positive peers, and emulate positive leadership attributes. Chapters present first-hand accounts of "resilience in action" and extensive examples that showcase evidence-based resilience strategies, along with discussion questions, creative thinking exercises, and application activities.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Strategies for adapting to constant change
  • Managing moral and ethical distress
  • Developing effective and creative solutions for global health challenges
  • Restoring resilience, health, and well-being after adversity
  • New leadership dynamics
  • Moving out of one's comfort zone for personal and professional growth

Key Features:

  • Includes activities that encourage readers to develop resilience capabilities as team leaders, team members, and change agents
  • Highlights psychological and social resilience strategies
  • Includes discussion questions and creative thinking exercises
  • Supplemental instructor's manual and PowerPoints included

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