Microbiology of Safe Food (Paperback)
作者: Stephen J Forsythe 
出版社: Wiley-Blackwell
出版日期: 2019/08/16
尺寸: 244x170x42mm
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ISBN-10: 1119405017
ISBN-13: 9781119405016
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Exploring food microbiology, its impact upon consumer safety, and the latest strategies for reducing its associated risks

As our methods of food production advance, so too does the need for a fuller understanding of food microbiology and the critical ways in which it influences food safety. The Microbiology of Safe Food satisfies this need, exploring the processes and effects of food microbiology with a detailed, practical approach. Examining both food pathogens and spoilage organisms, microbiologist Stephen J. Forsythe covers topics ranging from hygiene regulations and product testing to microbiological criteria and sampling plans.

This third edition has been thoroughly revised to cater to the food scientists and manufacturers of today, addressing such new areas as:

  • Advances in genomic analysis techniques for key organisms, including E. coli, Salmonella, and L. monocytogenes
  • Emerging information on high-throughput sequencing and genomic epidemiology based on genomic analysis of isolates
  • Recent work on investigations into foodborne infection outbreaks, demonstrating the public health costs of unsafe food production
  • Updates to the national and international surveillance systems, including social media

Safe food for consumers is the ultimate goal of food microbiology. To that end, The Microbiology of Safe Food focuses on the real-world applications of the latest science, making it an essential companion for all those studying and working in food safety.

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Microbiology of Safe Food (Paperback)
Microbiology of Safe Food (Paperback)

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