Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2019 (Hong Kong White Book)
作者: The Hon. Mr Justice Fok PJ 
出版社: Sweet & Maxwell Limited
出版日期: 2018/09
運費計算: 10 本
ISBN-10: 9626619791
ISBN-13: 9789626619797
書城編號: 1585055

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When there are countless decisions to be made, opponents to handle, clients to manage and a myriad of courses you could follow, you need a source you can trust. Act with true confidence. Use the Hong Kong White Book 2019 – Hong Kong’s most trusted court companion.Authored by a talented pool of over 95 authors from top law firms in the jurisdiction, the Hong Kong White Book 2019 continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. The majority of the Orders have been updated with new commentary and legislation. The 2019 edition is supported by the Judiciary and incorporates over 150 new cases. The commentary in Volume II has been substantially enhanced. This 2019 edition is preceded by a Special Release - Embedding a deep, practical understanding of active case management, the underlying objectives and the CJR.

2019 Edition - What's New?

Volume 1

• Order 1A: Objectives
For a discussion of the principles governing the grant or refusal of leave to substitute an expert witness, see Daimler AG v. Leiduck (re: expert evidence) (No.2) [2018] 1 H.K.L.R.D. 40.

• Order 2: Effect of Non-Compliance
The merits of the case may be considered by the court when considering whether to grant relief from sanction see Duracell US Operations Inc v. Matsushima Electric (HK) Co Ltd [2018] HKCFI 347.

• Order 19: Default of Pleadings
Yau Kar Kwai v. Shan Jigesh Rajnibhai [2018] HKDC 75: The court has no jurisdiction to grant a default judgment in default of defence if such application is made before the expiration of the period for service of the defence, even if such period has expired by the time of the hearing of the application.

• Order 29: Interlocutory Injunctions, Interim Preservation of Property, Interim Payments
See Nerium Biotechnology Inc v. Nerium International LLC [2018] HKCFI 674.

• Overhaul of Order 24: Discovery and Inspection of Documents, Order 28: Originating Summons Procedure and Order 35: Procedure at Trial.

Volume 2

• Added evidence in civil and commercial matters between the Courts of the Mainland and the Hong Kong SAR.

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