Leng Bingchuan
出版社: Skira Editore
出版日期: 2019/10/10
頁數: 224
ISBN-10: 8857240606
ISBN-13: 9788857240602
書城編號: 1592511

原價: HK$780.00
現售: HK$741 節省: HK$39

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The original carved ink paintings, white-and-black poetic works by the leading Chinese contemporary artist.

Known for his series black and white ink engraving works which are fulfilled with complex graving marks, Leng Bingchun has been living in the Europe for years, like a migratory bird traveling between Spain and China. He crossovers the gap between eastern and western culture and then recently, he has been back on canvas, applying the reconstruction and the innovation of multiple media to create the new Chinese aesthetic atmosphere of immeasurability which rooted in the traditional culture. When the name Leng Bingchuan – literally means cold glacier – appeared in public with all those white and black poetic paintings, it became a symbol. When people mention Leng Bingchuan, it evokes the black and white picture. Leng’s signature style is delicate, elegant, filled with southern charm, like no other ink painting in history. Nostalgia, adolescent ennui, lovelorn under male gaze, the Southern magic air, the lust and desire, and occasionally the erotic scene...

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