Horacio Salinas
作者: Horacio Salinas 
出版社: Damiani
出版日期: 2019/10/10
頁數: 72
ISBN-10: 8862086806
ISBN-13: 9788862086806
書城編號: 1592540

原價: HK$520.00
現售: HK$494 節省: HK$26

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Untitled 19” x 15” captures unlikely characters comprised of found objects derived from the streets of New York. The artist’s publication sheds light on the infinite possibilities one can achieve when allowing your perspective to change, and in turn allowing the material to separate from its materiality. Although the final pieces are represented in photographs, each image evokes the understanding and intimacy of sculpture. The level of detail forces the viewer to get closer to the image itself, to discover the beauty that lives in between the lines. The infrathin moment revealing itself. The feeling of a thing, as opposed to the actual thing itself is what I am drawn to. For Salinas, altering the sense of objects is a way of forcing himself to see the object differently, to question the permanence of the objects original intent. Although his work involves everyday objects, Salinas does not see his photographs as glorifying or treasuring these objects. Instead he views himself as curating his expansive collection of materials, altering and manipulating them into compositions that transform their meaning. The balance created in his images comes from arranging and rearranging these objects until the right chord is struck, creating harmony out of discord.

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