Simon Burstall: 93: Punching the Light
作者: Simon Burstall and Brenad Cowell 
出版社: Damiani
出版日期: 2019/12/09
頁數: 116
ISBN-10: 8862086768
ISBN-13: 9788862086769
書城編號: 1592549

原價: HK$455.00
現售: HK$432.25 節省: HK$22.75

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The images included in 93: Punching the Light were all shot in Sydney in 1993 when Simon Burstall was just 17 years old. He was very involved with the rave scene and culture at that time and was drawn to capturing the people and style that surrounded that way of life. He also found time to keep a journal and details of his life, his friends and their experiences. Looking back at this material some 25 years later, Burstall has now created a sort of intimate diary and reflection on the rave culture lifestyle in Australia in the early ‘90s. His photos and diary entries reveal the wonderment of youth and adolescence, a feeling that what they were experiencing as a group was life altering, and that this moment in time would shape them all, not just as friends but in their own individual paths.

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