Guide to Active Working in the Modern Office (Paperback)
作者: Robert Bridger 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2019/10/24
尺寸: 235x156x11mm
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ISBN-10: 0367002280
ISBN-13: 9780367002282
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This is a short guide on sit-stand working in the office. It reviews the research on sitting and standing at work from the 1950s to present and provides guidance for specialists, therapists, practitioners, and managers. The book is illustrated with many photos and figures, provides guidance for active working at the end of every chapter, and is understandable to the layman as well as the specialist. 

With the increased emphasis on healthy lifestyles, coupled with the obesity and overweight epidemic, many are claiming that we should spend more time standing at work. Some have even claimed that sitting is the new smoking. Readers of the book will learn and understand what is behind these claims, what stacks-up, what doesn't, and be able to make informed decisions about whether to invest in new facilities, and what to invest. This book is of value to human factors specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors and occupational health practitioners, architects, and facilities managers. 


Explains the origins of sedentary office work 

Summarizes the health risks of sitting and standing and how to avoid them

Reviews new research on active working and practical ways of developing active working habits in the office 

Discusses the obesogenic workplace, and how to avoid it 

Includes over 60 key points to help you decide how to be more active at work

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