From Woe to Flow (Hardcover)
作者: Phil Driver 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2019/12/13
尺寸: 235x159x23mm
重量: 529 grams
ISBN-10: 1138598623
ISBN-13: 9781138598621
書城編號: 1601681

售價: $390.00

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Large-scale, complex systems like the health sector or transport are a

challenge to manage; traditional strategic approaches often fail due to the

diversity of different stakeholders and the lack of a cohesive strategy language

that all within it can understand. What is needed in such systems

is a new, fresh, scalable, "open source" framework: one that is "editable"

by those at all levels within the organisation.

This book provides practitioners and managers within any organisation

with a 9-stage modular toolkit for all strategic steps. Utilising Phil

Driver's PRUB framework, which innovatively centres on end-user actions

instead of benefits - what do you want to do? - it enables all stakeholders

from entry level to executive to actively participate in strategy validation

and implementation. This book will enable practitioners with skills in

any one of the 9 stages to enhance their skills in that stage but also, most

importantly, to link their work in any one stage with all the other stages.

The book will also help senior executives to coordinate the full 9-stage

sequence in large-scale and complex environments.

Following on from Phil Driver's groundbreaking Validating Strategies,

this book covers all 9 stages of strategy, from end-user engagement

through to post-implementation review. It will prove game-changing

reading for any manager, executive or practitioner that needs a more

effective strategic approach, manages a large or complex system in the

public sector, or wants to enable and empower talent at all levels of their


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