Science & Religion (Paperback)
作者: Alister E McGrath 
出版社: Wiley-Blackwell
出版日期: 2020/04/02
尺寸: 235x187x24mm
重量: 598 grams
ISBN-10: 1119599873
ISBN-13: 9781119599876
書城編號: 1646041

售價: $377.00

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The leading introductory textbook on the study of religion and the natural sciences, including new coverage of the latest topics in the field

Science and Religion provides students with a thorough introduction to the major themes and landmark debates in the interaction of science and religion. Incorporating history, philosophy, the natural sciences, and theology, this popular textbook examines how science and religion approach central questions and discusses the relationship between the two areas through the centuries. The authoritative and accessible chapters are designed for readers with minimal knowledge of science or theology.

Written by one of the world's leading authorities on the study of religion and science, this fully revised and updated third edition addresses contemporary topics and reflects the latest conceptual developments in the field. New and expanded chapters and case studies discuss Scientism, evolutionary theodicy, the Theory of Relativity, warranted belief in science and religion, the influence of science and religion on human values, and more. The most up-to-date introduction to this exciting and rapidly growing field, this textbook:

  • Offers an engaging, thematically-based approach to the subject
  • Provides historical context for major events in science and religion
  • Explores scientific and religious perspectives on Creation and the existence of God
  • Discusses models, analogies, and issues at the intersection of science and religion
  • Is supported by a series of videos that complement each chapter

One of the most respected and widely adopted textbooks in the field, Science and Religion: A New Introduction, 3rd Edition is an ideal resource for college, seminary, and university students in courses in science and religion; church or community courses in the relation of science and faith; and general readers looking for an inclusive overview of the field.

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