Time Trails: Dinosaurs (Paperback)
作者: Liz Gogerly 
出版日期: 2020/10/20
尺寸: 284x216x3mm
ISBN-10: 1445158566
ISBN-13: 9781445158563
書城編號: 1648361

原價: HK$130.00
現售: HK$123.5 節省: HK$6.5

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Discover how dinosaurs first appeared on Earth and how they developed through time

Prepare to take a chronological journey, from over 200 million years ago, when tiny Saltopus hopped around in search of food, and pterosaurs took to the skies, through to huge dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus and Allosaurus of the late Jurassic Period. Travel right up to the mass extinction event of the Cretaceous Period, which wiped out three quarters of all life on the planet ...

Perfect for readers aged 7+ who want to find out more about the time of the dinosaurs, and their evolution over millions of years.

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