New Companies Ordinance (Cap 622), A Butterworths Hong Kong Handbook Vol. II - Company Financing - Equity and Debt
出版社: LexisNexis
出版日期: 2020/02
ISBN-10: 9888232371
ISBN-13: 9789888232376
書城編號: 1674356

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Product description

The New Companies Ordinance (Cap 622), A Butterworths Hong Kong Handbook includes five volumes, each examining a particular aspect of Company Law. Each volume contains annotations of a specially selected set of Parts from the Ordinance, complete with an introduction.

The series covers Company Formation, Financing, Restructuring Arrangements, Administration and Directors' Duties. The volumes make the new and extensive Cap 622 accessible and manageable for practitioners and businesses.

ELG Tyler and Stefan Lo of the Cap 622 rewrite team, Commercial Unit III, Department of Justice, have annotated parts of the Ordinance as General Editors, along with a team of leading experts on Hong Kong Company Law.

Volume II covers the major changes to share capital as a mandatory system of no-par for all companies is adopted. Power has also been removed from companies to issue share warrants to bearers. A uniform insolvency test has been adopted based on cash flow for different types of transactions.

Also in the series:

Volume I:
Company Formation

Volume III:
Company Accounts and Restructuring Arrangements

Volume IV:
Directors, Company Secretaries and Shareholder Remedies

Volume V:
Company Administration

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