Butterworths Hong Kong Contract Law Handbook – Fourth Edition
作者: Astina Au, Cindy Li, Elliot Fung, Adrian Lai, Kevin Lau, Yang-Wahn Hew, Sharon Yuen 
出版社: LexisNexis
出版日期: 2020/02
ISBN-10: 9888477641
ISBN-13: 9789888477647
書城編號: 1674361

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Product description

Butterworths® Hong Kong Contract Law Handbook - Fourth Edition is a detailed work of reference containing a general introduction to the law of contract in Hong Kong and up-to-date annotated materials on the following:

• Sale of Goods Ordinance (Cap 26)
• Factors Ordinance (Cap 48)
• Control of Exemption Clauses Ordinance (Cap 71)
• Misrepresentation Ordinance (Cap 284)
• Supply of Services (Implied Terms) Ordinance (Cap 457)
• Unconscionable Contracts Ordinance (Cap 458)
• Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap 623)
• Limitation Ordinance (Cap 347) (s 4)
• Law Amendment and Reform (Consolidation) Ordinance (Cap 23) (ss 11, 13-18, 21 and 23)
• Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Cap 553) (ss 17-19)

All relevant cases and legislation are succinctly discussed in this practical guide for legal practitioners and students. The enhancements within this Fourth Edition makes this handbook a more comprehensive guide and will also be an invaluable source of information for businesspersons, company directors, HR professionals, importer-exporters and all those involved in the drafting of commercial agreements.

This work has been adopted as a recommended text at several law and business courses within the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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