Jolly Phonics Readers Level 5, Our World (Paperback)
出版社: Jolly Learning Ltd
出版日期: 2020/08
ISBN-10: 1844147118
ISBN-13: 9781844147113
書城編號: 18388289

原價: HK$156.00
現售: HK$148.2 節省: HK$7.8

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The Jolly Phonics Our World Nonfiction Purple (Level 5) readers are fully decodable books for new readers. They have a very carefully controlled vocabulary and are ideal for children to apply the skills they have been taught. These nonfiction readers use only decodable regular words that use the 42 letter sounds taught n Jolly Phonics as well as the alternative vowel spellings.

Comprehension questions and discussion topics are provided at the end of each book, as well as guidance for teachers and parents. Light type is used as a guide for those few letters that should not be sounded out, such as the /b/ in 'lamb'. * 6 different books per set* 16 pages per book The titles included in this set are:* Beastly Bugs* Rainforest Birds* Under the Sea* An Owl Prowl* Fantastic Frogs and Toads* Dependable Dogs

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