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IBMYP Mathematics Study Guide – Level 5
出版社: NTK Publishing Limited
出版日期: 2011/04
ISBN-10: 9881899044
ISBN-13: 9789881899040
書城編號: 224281

原價: HK$299.00
現售: HK$284.05 節省: HK$14.95

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NTK’s IBMYP Mathematics Level 5 Study Guide is tailor-made for students in their final year of IBMYP studies and provides a solid foundation for further studies in the IB Diploma Mathematics programme.

Written by our highly experienced mathematics subject specialists, this study guide covers essential knowledge required for both IBMYP and IB Diploma levels.


• Carefully selected topics with level of difficulty that closely match the requirements of both IBMYP Level 5 and IB Diploma for a smooth transition between the two programmes

• Clear and concise explanations

• Detailed examples

• Wide selection of practice questions

• Extended Level topics that provide prerequisite knowledge recommended for students taking IB Diploma Mathematics at Higher Level

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