作者: Sonja Chau 
出版社: 紅出版
出版日期: 2010/07/06
頁數: 96
尺寸: 13cm x 18.8cm
ISBN-10: 9888072226
ISBN-13: 9789888072224
書城編號: 233936

原價: HK$88.00
現售: HK$83.6 節省: HK$4.4

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A tall, slim figure stood alone with people gossiping behind her back. She was the most beautiful creature that anyone would have met. Somehow or somewhat, why didn’t people get along with her? As if there was a thick barrier between her and everyone else. Was it because she was the girl who was destined to stand by herself with nothing? No parents, no friends? Keeping this innocent girl so lonely?

She is Rachel.

Rachel, a fifteen-year-old girl, lives her life with two identities. Her life has been undergoing many ups and downs. It is when a new student comes along that many secrets are unraveled.  

Remarks: This book is not for sale.

Sonja Chau 作者作品表

The Purple Magic

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