Moving in the right circles
作者: Chick Yuill 
出版社: NavPress
出版日期: 2011/02
ISBN-10: 1844745031
ISBN-13: 9781844745036
書城編號: 260570

原價: HK$128.00
現售: HK$121.6 節省: HK$6.4

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Too many people find their experience as Christians incomplete and unsatisfactory...


Jamal enjoys his voluntary work with down-and-outs but finds church irrelevant.
Jack believes he's going to heaven but isn't sure what difference Jesus makes to him now.
Aimee loves being part of a lively church but at work no-one would know she was a Christian.

They're all missing something. But life with Jesus is meant to be an all-encompassing adventure. In this dynamic and punchy book Chick Yuill explores the four concentric circles that make up the authentic Christian life:

  • walking in the company of Jesus
  • growing in the community of believers
  • engaging with the culture of the times
  • looking to the coming of the King

    Only when all four are in place can followers of Jesus fully embrace the discipleship adventure.

    Packed with stories and illustrations, this book explores how Christians can live life to the best. 


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Moving in the right circles

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