Dictionary of Ecodesign: An Illustrated Reference
作者: Ken Yeang 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2010/03
尺寸: 259x200x24mm
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ISBN-10: 0415458994
ISBN-13: 9780415458993
書城編號: 365253

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The first guide to the terminology of sustainable design. Written by an internationally renowned expert in the field, this illustrated dictionary provides over 1500 definitions and explanations of ecodesign terms.

Providing a unique resource for the practitioner and student, this book leaves the reader free to 'dip' in and out of the book allowing for 'bite-sized' learning at their own convenience. It is an essential reference for all architects, engineers, planners and environmentalists involved in designing and planning projects and schemes in the built environment.


Preface. Abbreviations. A-Z terms

Author Bio

Ken Yeang is an architect-planner and ecologist whose design and masterplanning work are at the cutting edge of green design. He is a principal of Llewelyn Davies Yeang (UK) and its sister company, Hamzah & Yeang (Malaysia). He is currently co-authoring with Lillian Woo Ecomimesis: Ecological Design for the Built Environment Using Natural Processes as a Model.

Lillian Woo is an economist, public policy specialist and political consultant who has worked with both state and federal government office holders.

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