EcoMasterplanning (Hardcover)
作者: Ken Yeang 
出版社: Wiley
出版日期: 2009/04/17
尺寸: 270x220x24mm
重量: 1246 grams
ISBN-10: 0470697296
ISBN-13: 9780470697290
書城編號: 376158

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In planning for a sustainable future for our planet, it is vital that we achieve a seamless and benign biointegration of all human interventions in the natural environment. Finding green design solutions for our built environment must start from the wider scale of regional and urban planning and must then be carried right through to infrastructural engineering, architecture and industrial design. Masterplanning affords the chance to redress current environmental imbalances and to reduce the consequences of our built systems on the environment, with the greater and of reversing climate change.

Ecomasterplanning presents a groundbreaking integrative and comprehensive approach to masterplanning, illustrated by examples that Ken Yeang - the original pioneer of the 'green skyscraper' - has designed in a highly visually driven format, the book examines over 20 of his masterplans from around the world, including those in the Netherlands, china, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore and North America.

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