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Quantitative Tour of the Social Sciences (Paperback)
作者: Andrew Gelman 
出版社: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 2009/04/06
尺寸: 231x155x23mm
重量: 522 grams
ISBN-10: 0521680034
ISBN-13: 9780521680035
書城編號: 386328

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To foster a deeper understanding of the interconnection of the social sciences, economists should know where historical data come from, sociologists should know how to think like economists, political scientists would benefit from understanding how models are tested in psychology, historians should learn how political processes are studied, psychologists should understand sociological theories, and so forth. This overview by prominent social scientists gives an accessible, non-technical sense of how quantitative research is done in the social sciences. Upon finishing this book, the reader should have a sense of the different models and different ways of thinking in economics, history, sociology, political science and psychology, which in turn they can bring back to their major field.

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