Charisma (Paperback)
作者: David Gillespie 
出版社: Hodder Education
出版日期: 2011/10/01
尺寸: 216x139x14mm
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ISBN-10: 1444123637
ISBN-13: 9781444123630
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Public speaking, communication and presenting with power can all be terrifying prospects however experienced you become, and cultivating a charismatic persona in our working lives is a priceless skill.

This book is a humorous and incisive piece of observation by Dave Gillespie and Mark Warren which demonstrates the right and wrong level of status to adopt for our business lives. Whilst remaining fun, Charisma shows the reader how to tap into their own personal charisma and communicate with maximum impact.

It studies a range of great communicators, from historical figures to modern day greats and highlights how their skills translate into what we call charisma. Everyone from Franklin D Roosevelt, through Steve Jobs to Joanna Lumley is covered.

A series of fun but practical exercises will help you to build your communication skills and use body language effectively.

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