Wedding Bells: Cantonese Reading Material for Intermediate and Advanced Learners (with 1 CD)
作者: Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka 
出版社: 青木
出版日期: 2001/11
頁數: 180
ISBN-10: 9622792030
ISBN-13: 9789622792036
書城編號: 52545

原價: HK$165.00
現售: HK$156.75 節省: HK$8.25

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This book is primarily written for English learners of Cantonese who are interested in reading colloquial Cantonese at intermediate or advanced level. Learners with a working knowledge of written Chinese and/or Mandarin may also find this book suitable to further their Cantonese language skills.

Each chapter was written in a first-person format detailing a Chinese woman reflection upon the different stages of relational development with a Japanese man. Through the stories, learners will be able tolearn vocabularies, grammar, idiomatic expressions, and phrasal expressions.

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