US Records on Saudi Affairs 1945-1959 8 Volume Set (Hardcover)
作者: K E Evans 
出版社: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 1997/03/31
ISBN-10: 1852076704
ISBN-13: 9781852076702
書城編號: 578856

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現售: HK$32680 節省: HK$1720

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Archive Editions and University Publications of America in a collaborative venture present a collection of Confidential US Government Records on Saudi Arabia. These documents, primarily researched from State Department Central Files and the Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are essential to the study of the development of the US-Saudi political relationship in the post-war and Cold War period. The documents help illustrate the development of foreign and military policy in Saudi Arabia in the turbulent early days of the Cold War, and the evolution of Saudi military power. In particular this work permits a close 'ground-level' assessment of the strategies and philosophies adopted by the American and Saudi alliance.

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