Current Issues in Applied Memory Research
作者: Graham M. Davies 
出版社: Psychology Press
出版日期: 2012/10
ISBN-10: 0415647134
ISBN-13: 9780415647137
書城編號: 683620

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Research on applied memory is one of the most active, interesting and vibrant areas in experimental psychology today. This book provides descriptions of cutting-edge research and applies them to three key areas of contemporary investigation: education, the law and neuroscience.

In the area of education, findings from the study of memory are described which could have a major impact on testing practice, revision techniques for examinations and teaching basic literacy and numeracy. In applications to the law, recent findings shed new light on the dynamics of child abuse investigations, the status of traumatic memories recovered after long delays and a further challenge for the eyewitness: change blindness. Finally, in neuroscience, contributions cover the frightening question of whether patients can remember incidents during surgical operations under anaesthetic, the unexpected impact of handedness and rapid eye movements on memory proficiency and the status of déjà vu: mystical experience or memory error?

These accounts of recent research on applied memory have been written by leading experts in the field from both Europe and America, with the non-specialist in mind. They will interest students who wish to extend their reading beyond core material in cognitive psychology, graduates on more specialised courses in education, forensics and neuropsychology, and all those who wish to enrich their knowledge of the contemporary frontiers of applied memory research.


"This book presents samples of high quality ongoing research on issues of practical importance. What makes it particularly valuable is the way it illustrates the effectiveness of combining multiple methodologies and breaks down the outmoded dichotomy between basic and applied research." – Gillian Cohen, Formerly Professor of Psychology, The Open University

"An excellent review of applied memory research which illustrates the depth to which academic psychology has penetratedl-world application of science. The chapter on learning in educational settings should be a revelation to students and I am wholeheartedly recommending it to my students. " – Dr Malcolm James Cook, University of Abertay Dundee


Davies, Wright, Introduction. Part 1. Applications to Education. Roediger, Agarwal, Kang, Marsh, Benefits of Testing Memory: Best Practices and Boundary Conditions. Macleod, Saunders, Chalmers, Retrieval-Induced Forgetting: The Unintended Consequences of Unintended Forgetting. Levin, Thurman, Keipert, More than Just a Memory: The Nature and Validity of Working Memory in Educational Settings. Part 2. Applications to Law. Geraerts, Raymaekers, Merckelbach, New Advances in the Mechanisms Underlying Recovered Memories. London, Kulkofsky, Factors Affecting the Reliability of Children's Forensic Reports. Laney, Loftus, Change Blindness and Eyewitness Testimony. Part 3. Applications to Neuroscience. Wang, Implicit Memory, Anesthesia ...

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