Development and Prevention of Behaviour Problems: From Genes to Social Policy
作者: Richard E. Tremblay 
出版社: Psychology Press
出版日期: 2012/10
ISBN-10: 0415647207
ISBN-13: 9780415647205
書城編號: 683621

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This book brings together world leading researchers from diverse fields to explore the potential causes of the development of behaviour problems. The book presents theories that hope to influence public health, education and social policy in the prevention of the costly social troubles that behaviour problems can cause.

Featuring contributions from researchers whose backgrounds range from the social and behavioural sciences to economics, the varied chapters assesses the potential role of gene–environment interactions, biological factors and gender differences in the development of behaviour problems. The book includes a review of studies that attempt to understand why antisocial behaviour is concentrated within families, and concludes with three chapters that link developmental research directly with policy issues. It provides a framework for students, scientists, educators and care givers to understand where frontier research on behaviour problems is going and how it can be applied in the social, educational and health services.

This collection will interest all students of psychology and the behavioural sciences as well as those with an interest in public policy, sociology, abnormal psychology, psychopathology and personality disorders.


"This book is a must-read for the new generation of interdisciplinary researchers. World-class scientists join in debating the causes of a broad class of problem behaviours, from the role of environments in gene expression to new preventions and policy implications. This research has profoundly changed our views on the nature of aggression." - Rainer K. Silbereisen, Chair of Developmental Psychology and Director of the Center for Applied Developmental Science, University of Jena, Germany


Tremblay, van Aken, Koops, Research on the development and prevention of behaviour problems: A fundamental change still hard to grasp for most investigators. Suomi, How gene-environment interactions shape biobehaviouralment: Lessons from studies with rhesus monkeys. Szyf, Weaver, Provencal, McGowan, Tremblay, Meaney, Epigenetics and behaviour. Paus, Pausova, Abrahamowicz, Almerigi, Arbour, Bernard, Gaudet, Hanzalek, Hamet, Evans, Kramer, Laberge, Leal, Leonard, Lerner, Lerner, Mathieu, Perron, Pike, Pitiot, Richer, Séguin, Syme, Tremblay, Veillette, Watkins, Maternal smoking, genes and adolescent brain and body: The Saguenay Youth Study. Tremblay, The development of chronic physical aggression: Genes and environments matter from the beginning. van Aken, Personality in children and adolescents: Development and consequences. Côté, A developmental perspective on sex differences in aggressive behaviours. Jaffee, Intergenerational transmission of risk for antisocial behaviour. Junger, Feder, Côté, Tremblay, Policy implications of present knowledge on the development and prevention of physical aggression and violence. van der Gaag, From child development to human development. Petersen, Inco...

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