That Bad, Bad Cat! (Penguin Young Readers, L2)
作者: Claire Masurel, True Kelley 
出版社: Penguin Young Readers Group
系列: All Aboard Reading - Level 1
出版日期: 2002/02/18
頁數: 48
重量: 0.08 kg
ISBN-10: 0448426226
ISBN-13: 9780448426228
書城編號: 742860

原價: HK$50.00
現售: HK$47.5 節省: HK$2.5

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 What a bad, bat cat He tears the pillows, he eats the plants, and he even scratches the furniture. He just won't behave But his family loves him anyway. The simple and repetitive text will provide new readers with a true sense of accomplishment when they finish this book all by themselves. The adorable and quirky illustrations bring this frisky, troublemaking feline to life.
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