Hebrews (LifeChange)
作者: The Navigators 
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出版日期: 2018/10/09
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Jewish Christians were under fire from their kinsmen for neglecting the Jewish traditions. Faced with hostility, the loss of jobs, and worse, many were tempted to hide their faith in Christ. Then a trusted mentor reminded them in a strong, clear letter that Christ is far superior to anything Judaism offers. This Bible study on the book of Hebrews explores all aspects of this fascinating letter.• Personal study needed between meetings• 19 sessions• Includes study aids and discussion questions

The Navigators 作者作品表

Hebrews (LifeChange)
門徒訓練課程(一) 在基督裡
Beginning a New Life: Book 2 (Studies in Christian Living)
Talking with Christ: Book 3 (Studies in Christian Living)
Developing Your Faith: Book 5 (Studies in Christian Living)
Growing As a Christian: Book 4 (Studies in Christian Living)

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