It's Elementary!: Big Questions about Chemistry (paperback)
作者: Robert Winston 
出版社: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
出版日期: 2016/01/19
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ISBN-10: 1465440011
ISBN-13: 9781465440013
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What is the world made of? It's Elementary explores the chemistry of everyday things, from how blood needs iron to why helium balloons are lighter than air.

It's the perfect introduction to chemistry for kids aged 8-12. They will learn all about this fantastic realm of science and all the weird and wonderful ways it can explain the universe around us.

Elements make up everything around us - our computers, our bodies, our foods and drinks. They make up trees and grass, cars and roads, and are the fundamental building blocks of our incredible world.

It's Elementary takes children of all ages on a scientific adventure through the explosive world of atoms, elements, and the periodic table in this outstanding educational book for kids.

This kids' science book is designed with easy-to-understand, kid-friendly language, questions, and fun facts. The contents are clearly organized, while the bold, colorful design and engaging stories work together to make learning about the elements a fun and exciting experience for little scientists.

Explore, Discover, And Learn

Learn how lightbulbs work and explore what's on your plate and in your water. The whole periodic table is explained and cataloged, and common elements, including sodium, gold, and iron are explored. Learn about elements weights, melting points, and types. It's Elementary brings to life what the world is made of in a fresh and fun way.

It's a truly educational kid's book that looks at this weird and wonderful side of science through a unique and exciting biography of the elements.

Packed with fun facts about science for kids covering:

- Metals
- Gases
- Matter
- The periodic table
- Oxygen, and more

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