Crystal Readers (Series A)
出版社: 晶晶教育
系列: Crystal Readers
出版日期: 2005
書城編號: 973101

原價: HK$240.00
現售: HK$228 節省: HK$12

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This set of English books is designed for children below the age of 8, who are learning English as a second language. The books introduce elements of western culture, as well as themes that children could relate to in their everyday life. New words, phrases and sentences, as well as important concepts are also introduced. The emphasis is on listening, understanding, reading and communication. A CD comes with each set of 10 books. Children can listen to the CD while reading on their own.

Crystal Readers (Series A) includes 10 books: "Find Me", "I Like", "Colour Me Yellow", "Colour Me Red", "Colour Me Green", "Colour Me Blue", "What Is This?", "What Do You See?", "I Can See" and "Many Toys". The books are consisted of interesting pictures and simple sentences. Children will find it easy to learn, easy to remember and develop a good memory in the process.
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