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Book of Genes and Genomes (Hardcover)

Springer, 出版日期: 2021/02/12
原價: HK$450.00 現售: HK$427.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Starting and Sustaining Undergraduate Student Research (Paperback)

Springer, 出版日期: 2021/02/12
原價: HK$300.00 現售: HK$285
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Fast Algorithms for Stereo Matching (Hardcover)

Springer, 出版日期: 2021/01/02
原價: HK$550.00 現售: HK$522.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Secure Data Mining (Hardcover)

Springer, 出版日期: 2020/12/17
原價: HK$1000.00 現售: HK$950
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

The Economic Impact of Population Decline and Aging in Japan: The Post-Demographic Transition Phase (2016) (paperback)

Kohei Wada, Springer, 出版日期: 2020/11/23
原價: HK$700.00 現售: HK$665
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Feminist History of Philosophy (Hardcover)

Eileen ONeill, Springer, 出版日期: 2020/11/07
原價: HK$1827.00 現售: HK$1735.65

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Network Availability of Internet Services (Hardcover)

Springer, 出版日期: 2020/06/15
原價: HK$900.00 現售: HK$855
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Analog and Mixed Signal Test: A Recent History (2016) (paperback)

Suraj Sindia, Springer, 出版日期: 2020/06/06
原價: HK$550.00 現售: HK$522.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Systems, Procedures and Voting Rules in Context: A Primer for Voting Rule Selection (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation)

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/12
現售: HK$999
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Social Media Strategy in Policing: From Cultural Intelligence to Community Policing (Security Informatics and Law Enforcement) (

Babak Akhgar, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/12
現售: HK$1090
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Politics, Managerialism, and University Governance: Lessons from Hong Kong Under China's Rule Since 1997 (2019) (hardcover)

Wing-Wah Law, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/04/10
原價: HK$1100.00 現售: HK$1045

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Protein Folding: An Introduction (2015) (paperback)

Claudio M. Gomes, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/03/06
原價: HK$550.00 現售: HK$522.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Trilingual Education in Hong Kong Primary Schools (2019) (hardcover)

Lixun Wang, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/03/06
原價: HK$1400.00 現售: HK$1330
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Critical Care Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis: A Practical Handbook (Hardcover)

Sidharth Kumar Sethi, Springer, 出版日期: 2019/02
原價: HK$1500.00 現售: HK$1425
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Fruit Preservation: Novel and Conventional Technologies (2016) (hardcover)

Amauri Rosenthal, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/11/05
原價: HK$2290.00 現售: HK$2175.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Perspectives on the Legislature and the Prospects of Accountability in Nigeria and South Africa (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political De

Omololu Fagbadebo, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/09
現售: HK$1170
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation: A Survey of Theories on the Justification of Judicial Decisions (Argumentation Library) (Pa

Eveline T. Feteris, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/08
現售: HK$1390
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Scalability Patterns: Best Practices for Designing High Volume Websites (paperback)

Chander Dhall, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/07/21
原價: HK$250.00 現售: HK$237.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

The Right of Access to Public Information: An International Comparative Legal Survey (2018) (hardcover)

Hermann-Josef Blanke, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/06/29
原價: HK$2800.00 現售: HK$2660
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Teacher Learning with Classroom Assessment: Perspectives from Asia Pacific

Heng Jiang, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/06
現售: HK$1146
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Simulation: Best Practices in Nursing Education (Paperback)

Springer, 出版日期: 2018/06
原價: HK$404.00 現售: HK$383.8
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Computational Learning for Adaptive Computer Vision (Hardcover)

Springer, 出版日期: 2018/04/15
原價: HK$1490.00 現售: HK$1415.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

130 Years of Medicine in Hong Kong: From the College of Medicine for Chinese to the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine (2018) (hardcover)

Frank Ching, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/04/03
原價: HK$2200.00 現售: HK$2090
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Materia Medica of New and Old Homeopathic Medicines (Paperback)

Springer, 出版日期: 2018/03/26
原價: HK$975.00 現售: HK$926.25
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Green City Planning and Practices in Asian Cities: Sustainable Development and Smart Growth in Urban Environments (Strategies for Sustainability)

Zhenjiang Shen, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/03
原價: HK$1890.00 現售: HK$1795.5
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

The Forest and the City: The Cultural Landscape of Urban Woodland (Future City) 2nd ed. 2018 Edition

Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/03
現售: HK$1649
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Rheumatology in Questions (Hardcover)

Haralampos M. Moutsopoulos, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/03
現售: HK$1260
購買後立即進貨, 約需 18-25 天

Learn Unity Programming with C# (Paperback)

Jonathan Weinberger, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/02/22
原價: HK$424.00 現售: HK$402.8

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Atlas of Sedimentary Structures (Hardcover)

Zhong Jianhua, Springer, 出版日期: 2018/01/04
原價: HK$2545.00 現售: HK$2417.75

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Pocket Reference to Asthma (Paperback)

Springer, 出版日期: 2017/12/14
原價: HK$468.00 現售: HK$444.6

抱歉! 此商品已售罄, 不能訂購

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