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Encyclopaedias & reference works General encyclopaedias Reference works Dictionaries of biography (Who's Who)

Dictionaries of quotations Bibliographies, catalogues Serials, periodicals, abstracts, indexes Directories

Yearbooks, annuals, almanacs Geographical reference World atlases / world maps Place names & gazetteers

Library & information sciences Library, archive & information management IT, Internet & electronic resources in libraries Acquisitions & collection development

Bibliographic & subject control Library & information services Academic & specialist libraries Public libraries

School libraries & young reader services Reference services Circulation services (eg interlibrary loans) Community & outreach services

Archiving, preservation & digitisation  Museology & heritage studies Research & information: general Information theory

Cybernetics & systems theory Data analysis: general Coding theory & cryptology Decision theory: general

Risk assessment Research methods: general Interdisciplinary studies Regional studies

Communication studies Semiotics / semiology Development studies General studies

Flags, emblems, symbols, logos Peace studies & conflict resolution Institutions & learned societies: general Cognitive science