Medicine: general issues Medical profession Medical ethics & professional conduct Doctor/patient relationship

Medical bioinformatics Medical equipment & techniques Medical laboratory testing & techniques Medical research

Clinical trials Telemedicine Public health & preventive medicine Medical screening

Personal & public health Hygiene Environmental factors Dietetics & nutrition

Birth control, contraception, family planning Health psychology Epidemiology & medical statistics Health systems & services

General practice Mental health services Medical administration & management Medical insurance

Medicolegal issues Medical sociology History of medicine Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences

Anatomy Cytology Histology Regional anatomy

Dissection Physiology Cellular physiology Regional physiology

Metabolism Biomechanics, human kinetics Human reproduction, growth & development Reproductive medicine

Infertility & fertilization Embryology Human growth & development Maturation & ageing

Medical genetics Clinical & internal medicine Medical diagnosis Examination of patients

Diseases & disorders Congenital diseases & disorders Hereditary diseases & disorders Infectious & contagious diseases

Venereal diseases HIV / AIDS Hospital infections Oncology

Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Immunology Allergies

Cardiovascular medicine Musculoskeletal medicine Haematology Endocrinology

Diabetes Gastroenterology Hepatology Dermatology

Respiratory medicine Rheumatology Neurology & clinical neurophysiology Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome

Alzheimer’s & dementia Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Audiology & otology Ophthalmology

Renal medicine & nephrology Haemodialysis Urology & urogenital medicine Gynaecology & obstetrics

Materno-fetal medicine Paediatric medicine Neonatal medicine Geriatric medicine

Gene therapy Other branches of medicine Anaesthetics Pain & pain management

Palliative medicine Dentistry Oral & maxillofacial surgery Pathology

Cytopathology Histopathology Medical microbiology & virology Medical parasitology

Pharmacology Medical toxicology Psychopharmacology Psychiatry

Clinical psychology Psychotherapy Cognitive behavioural therapy Accident & emergency medicine

Trauma & shock Burns Intensive care medicine Nuclear medicine

Medical imaging Ultrasonics Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI) Radiology

Tomography Forensic medicine Environmental medicine Aviation & space medicine

Diving & hyperbaric medicine Occupational medicine Tropical medicine Sports injuries & medicine

Therapy & therapeutics Eating disorders & therapy Obesity: treatment & therapy Speech & language disorders & therapy

Addiction & therapy Sleep disorders & therapy Surgery Surgical techniques

General surgery Gastrointestinal & colorectal surgery Cardiothoracic surgery Vascular surgery

Surgical oncology Critical care surgery Neurosurgery Plastic & reconstructive surgery

Cosmetic surgery Transplant surgery Orthopaedics & fractures Peri-operative care

Nursing & ancillary services Nursing Nursing fundamentals & skills Nursing research & theory

Nurse/patient relationship Nursing specialties Accident & emergency nursing Intensive care nursing

Paediatric nursing Geriatric nursing Psychiatric nursing Surgical nursing

Terminal care nursing Nursing pharmacology Nursing sociology Community nursing

Nursing management & leadership Midwifery Birthing methods First aid & paramedical services

Radiography Chiropody & podiatry Pharmacy / dispensing Optometry / opticians

Physiotherapy Occupational therapy Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama) Medical counselling

Rehabilitation Rehabilitation: brain & spinal injuries Biomedical engineering Orthotics

Prosthetics Mortuary practice Medical study & revision guides & reference material Medical study & revision guides

Medical revision aids: MRCP Medical revision aids: MRCS Medical revision aids: PLAB Medical charts, colour atlases

Complementary medicine Chiropractic & osteopathy Veterinary medicine Veterinary medicine: small animals (pets)

Veterinary medicine: large animals (domestic / farm) Equine veterinary medicine Veterinary medicine: laboratory animals Veterinary medicine: exotic & zoo animals

Veterinary anatomy & physiology Veterinary pathology & histology Veterinary nutrition Veterinary medicine: infectious diseases & therapeutics

Veterinary bacteriology, virology, parasitology Veterinary pharmacology Veterinary radiology Veterinary surgery

Veterinary anaesthetics Veterinary dentistry Veterinary nursing Complementary medicine for animals