Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning

Earth sciences Volcanology & seismology Geology & the lithosphere Soil science, sedimentology

Geological surface processes (geomorphology) Historical geology Petrology Stratigraphy

Geochemistry Economic geology Hydrology & the hydrosphere Oceanography (seas)

Limnology (freshwater) Meteorology & climatology Palaeontology Geography

Physical geography & topography Arid zones, deserts Grasslands, heaths, prairies, tundra Wetlands, swamps, fens

Forests, rainforests Deltas, estuaries, coastal regions Coral reefs Mountains

Human geography Economic geography Political geography Regional geography

Biogeography Geographical discovery & exploration Geographical maps (specialist) Cartography, map-making & projections

Geographical information systems (GIS) & remote sensing Geodesy & surveying for maps & charts The environment Environmentalist thought & ideology

Environmentalist, conservationist & Green organizations Applied ecology Biodiversity Environmental policy & protocols

Environmental management Drought & water supply Food security & supply Energy resources

Waste management Conservation of the environment Conservation of wildlife & habitats Endangered species & extinction of species

Pollution & threats to the environment Deforestation Climate change Nuclear issues

Natural disasters Social impact of environmental issues Sustainability Regional & area planning

Urban & municipal planning Rural planning Transport planning & policy