Day Trading Options: Profiting from Price Distortions in Very Brief Time Frames (paperback)
出版社: FT Press
出版日期: 2016/01/12
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ISBN-10: 0134394593
ISBN-13: 9780134394596
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Today's equity markets have become a gambling casino where stock prices are often unrelated to the underlying performance of the companies they represent. The result has been the greatest destruction of wealth in history, and long-term investors have been the victims. At the same time, the environment for short-term technical trading has come to be dominated by computerized algorithmic trading systems. Technical traders must now compete with supercomputers that process millions of data items each second and make investment decisions at the individual tick level. These systems have completely invalidated many approaches to technical analysis and charting that worked well just a couple of years ago. But many options traders continue to profit in this environment. They enter and exit the market at very specific times with trades that are structured to capitalize on well-characterized pricing anomalies and distortions. Many of these approaches generate more profit in a single month than most investors achieve in an entire year. In Day Trading Options, top options trader Jeff Augen shows exactly how you can use these strategies to generate outstanding profits with minimal risk. You'll learn new approaches to evaluating option prices by comparing overnight, intraday, and traditional measures of volatility. At the same time, Augen introduces a new charting technique that can be used to spot the beginning and end of a short term trend--often as brief as a few minutes. You'll discover how this approach can be used to trade planned events and financial news. These new strategies and approaches will help you adapt to the new investing world and allow you to trade profitably regardless of the market's direction.

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