Celtic Scotland (Paperback)
作者: Ian Armit 
分類: British & Irish history ,
Social & cultural history ,
書城編號: 1163553

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出版日期: 2016/04/04
尺寸: 224x188x12mm
重量: 0.54 kg
ISBN: 9781780272924

This authoritative and handsomely illustrated book is aimed at the general reader who wants to know about the mysteriouspeople who inhabited Scotland from the Bronze Age onwards. They created wonderful works of art in gold and silver and theirbrochs and hillforts are scattered over the Scottish landscape. Many modern-day Scots are descended from them. Using theresults of modern archaeology and historical sources, Ian Armit answers the key questions about who the Celts were, wherethey came from, their relationship with other Celtic tribes throughout Europe, their customs and beliefs and their daily life. It is afascinating story told with flair and clarity by one of Britain's leading experts on the Celts.
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Celtic Scotland (Paperback)

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