100 First Words (Board Books)
作者: DK 
出版社: Dk Pub

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出版日期: 2017/03/07
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ISBN-10: 1465457003
ISBN-13: 9781465457004
書城編號: 11755572


Get them talking with this educational and fun book that explores essential words with colorful pictures.

Cleverly designed in a large trim size to inform and entertain, this board book is the start of your baby's learning adventure and introduces them to primary concepts like colors, animals, food, and so much more.

Crystal-clear photos show the wonder of the real world, from baby's body to baby's food, while delightful illustrations foster learning, from penguins playing in the snow to a mouse climbing a ladder. Clear word labels encourage pointing, naming, and talking, aiding in early identification and language skills.

With its sturdy board book format and 14 themed pages covering all the familiar things little ones are interested in, 100 First Words is the perfect first book for parents and babies to share.

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