Finishing Well: Establishing a Lasting Legacy (Paperback)
作者: Paul Leavenworth 
出版社: Createspace
書城編號: 11894713

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出版日期: 2012/12/19
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ISBN-10: 1479372110
ISBN-13: 9781479372119

FINISHING WELL Finishing Well is the third and final book in our Well Trilogy, which focuses on establishing our legacy in later years. Finishing Well gives the reader an opportunity to assess ultimate contributions while navigating necessary transitions in life and leadership in order to establish a lasting legacy. This book is designed to integrate Biblical leadership principals, lessons, and examples with real life experiences to help the reader better understand the dynamics and challenges of growing older and navigating the end game in such a way that they do not hinder God's ultimate purposes for their lives. To put it simply, we want to help older (50- 60s) men and women who have started well, lived and lead well to finish well and leave a lasting legacy for God's glory, their fulfillment, and the next generation's benefit. Our focus in this book is finishing well. Our goals include: 1. Providing an overview of the leadership "landscape" of getting older so that you can anticipate challenges and opportunities in order to cooperate with God in his purposes. 2. Providing Biblical insight and opportunities to examine your spiritual formation and foundation as they relate to moral, relational, and faith barriers that if not dealt with can lead to burnout, blowout, or plateauing. 3. Ministering to your inner life as well as providing information about convergence and afterglow as you prepare to finish well and establish your lasting legacy. 4. Providing Biblical and real life insights and examples for navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities of end game growth and ministry. It is our desire that Finishing Well will be a blessing to you. How our life and leadership ends, how we make critical transitions to empower the next generation of leaders, and the quality of relationships we have will determine how we finish and the quality of our legacy.

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