Wreath for the Red Admiral (paperback)
作者: Patricia Clark 
出版社: Lulu.com
分類: Poetry by individual poets  
書城編號: 1223603

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出版日期: 2016/06/03
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ISBN: 9781365120640

A chapbook by Patricia Clark, Poet-in-Residence and Professor in the Department of Writing at Grand Valley State University; author of four poetry books: Sunday Rising, She Walks Into the Sea, My Father on a Bicycle, and North of Wondering. ""This stirring collection offers respite from the strife-filled atmosphere we live in. And it firms Patricia Clark's status. She is one of the best poets that America presents today."" -Marilyn Kallet, author of 17 books, including The Love That Moves Me ""She brings us a world still fresh as spring and deep in mystery."" -Kenneth Pobo, winner of the Blue Light Book Prize and author of When the Light Turns Green. ""In the best moments in this remarkable collection, the creatures of the world call the poet back into herself, into reflection, into a new understanding, richer and more nuanced."" -Keith Taylor, author of If the World Becomes So Bright. Published by Spruce Alley Press, 2016

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Wreath for the Red Admiral (paperback)

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